Welcome to the colorful autumn of Estonia, the most beautiful yet gloomy season.

We are not very gloomy here as things are moving towards finishing the robot bar prototype. But first, let’s see what have we done during September.

On the first of September, I flew back from Portugal, a vacation with some useful contacts. Miraculously I happened to enjoy my dinner in a fine Porto restaurant when to my adjacent table took a seat an older couple. When we made friends over the evening and I introduced what I do, it turned out that their son is a high manager in one of the big companies that would be interested in using our product in their business over Europe. Thanks for that lucky chance.

I also visited several Quinta’s (wineries) and found out that the robot could also dispense wines and ports for promotional purposes and boosting sales. So, besides the beautiful trip to northern Portugal, there were several business meetings too.

Next week, after being two days home, I flew to Berlin where there was an event called Startupnight. That was one great event, well organized as usual for germans. The highlight of the night was the pitch competition, where I came the second. A silver medal – again! But there is nothing to be sorry about, the organizers are waiting us back next year with the robot and one day I will get the gold too, promise!

Had I just unpacked my suitcase when the next day we flew again – this time to Copenhagen. A huge startup event took place there – Tech BBQ, with its 15 000 visitors, its the biggest in Denmark. Estonian Embassy flew us there, hosted and presented together with other Estonian successful startups. This event brought a lot of contacts and interest from Danes and elsewhere in Europe. Two intense days of networking and standing behind the table. Oh, those legs were really hurting in the evenings!

At the end of September, Thursday 26th I was invited to Riga, Latvia to present our invention in the prominent Changer Investors Club that rounds up Angel investors from three Baltic states.

Quite a young business club has had their events for a year already and this time it was about robotics. There were two other startups, one from the USA and another from Estonia, so we gave the listeners an insight into what we do and where we are. The reception was warm and friendly, interest was moderate. We do have on LOI signed with one of the members from that club and two more are looking for cooperation as soon as we got the prototype.

Talking of prototype, we do hope to finish it for Christmas. The preparations are already going on. I visited the machine on the 27th of September in Tartu and it made me a drink, so like they say in the movies: “It’s ALIVE!”

Hopefully more news very soon and also more photos to come. Stay tuned.