Glad to write You again over two months.

Why so quiet? Well, mostly because it has been a transition time for our company as we are entering a new era with the whole business. Waiting time is over and now its the action again.

We have been in talks with new investors for about three months now. That means we are hoping to close the deal at the end of this year already. These things take time, but we expect that it’s possible to move fast to wrapping it up now as we are on the finish line of building this partnership.

Those three months have been a stretch, by the means of extensive talks with possible partners, complete and thorough due diligence from several parties.

Lots of discussions and strategical planning – we have been preparing a budget for next year, and a business plan for the next 3 years, setting the KPIs and goals until 2024.

There have been dozens of meetings and nervous times to come through, hundreds of lawyer hours that have an eye-watering cost and paperwork to do.

We are renewing all our contracts with the main suppliers and development partners. Some are already signed, others should come around next week or so. Some relations will be closed and new ones opening up. Some of our partners are already back at work, some are preparing.

So I hope to give the final good news at Christmas time. Until that, there are still some contracts to sign, some deals to be made and actions to take. The new deadline for the machine has moved to the beginning of next year, so fingers crossed. When the investor on board, things will move fast, agreements have been made to make that happen.

Other minor news: Couple of new clients on board and waiting for the prototype, UN tech show in May has invited again this year to participate that we definitely plan to take part of, planning events schedule for the next year, lots of invites to events for the prototype for next summer and bookings to take the robot to events.

So, let us end this report with the hopeful note for the next year to be much better and successful and faster-moving in terms of results than it was this 2019.