Greetings everyone who follows Yanu.

Last summer month of August was quiet as always. It is still a vacation time and that’s what our team was also doing most of the times. There were travels to Portugal where we got some contacts with wineries who are also interested to run our machine for promotion purposes and a purely random contact with a big beverages company representative who took interest on what we are doing.

There were weekly meetings with the team, several calls with clients and potential investors. We are now actively looking to bring in some investments as our expenses have been a bit over the planned budget. That’s quite normal for a technology startup. Some things need to redone, some rebuilt, some break and some fail. And that all means expenses, not small ones.

The sales work has been on a summer break for a while as vacations interrupt all businesses but we hope to pick it up again during autumn. So far we have signed 15 Letters of Intent with companies and more are coming in. There is also a line of companies that want to fly in to see the robot in action, once its done and set up for demonstration.

Our building and science team is also back from their summer cottages and warming up to finish the job and bring the machine to its presentable format. We really hope it is going to happen in October-November, so we can test and fix the errors for Christmas and open a showroom for January. That’s the current schedule of action for now.

September brings conferences, events to visit and lot of action, so much more to tell You in next report. Until then, we will get ourselves in work mode as the autumn is here!



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