Welcome to the midsummer Yanu friends.

It’s quite a quiet time here in Estonia in June and July as its the main vacations time, August means already that everyone is back in business.

So we have been making final ends meet for summer to finish the prototype.  Some have succeeded, some not.

The main obstacle is still the plastic covers of the whole machine, some are done and some postponed, some went wrong and some need to be redone.

What a mess.

The company is now on summer holidays until August and then needs another month to complete all works and final tuning of the pieces for those to look perfect. Until that we are doing other bits and pieces, so the machine will be fully ready when the covers arrive.

The grand presentation will, therefore, move to September.

I know, its frustrating, but shit happens and we are very open about it and most important – we will clear it out. So patience for the team and our fans.

It will eventually come together as all the good plans will.

Until that, other work has been done too – beginning of June we met with a Japanese VC fund, interested in us and had a friendly meeting with moderate interest towards us that will continue as the prototype draws nearer.

On the 10th of June, I flew to Stockholm and participated in Sweden Foodtech conference with many interesting speakers and technologies from the future. I also gave a pitch there and participated in meetings with interested parties. Very informative and connective event.

Then we met several times with our advertising agency to prepare a new campaign for the product launch and also to discuss the videos of the machine that need to be made when it’s ready.

20-21 our token team flew to Vilnius where we met with the amazing team of ExMarkets, the exchange where our token is listed. Two days of meetings and discussions for future listings and development were fruitful and fast forward moving action. And that, of course, went well with the evening activities that were even more fun and bonding with two teams.

I had countless calls with investors, there are 3 new Letters of Intent signed this month and about 10 more coming in soon, there were many queries about the possible purchase with nearly a half of very direct wishes and discussions.

There were dozens of meetings with the team, we did go to Tartu to meet the University there and discuss new deadlines and prolonging the contract.

Have a great summertime and catch up soon!