Dear friends of Yanu.

Ain’t this amazing, how every year the time whirls by faster and faster?

This year has been an eye blink in the eye of the storm. That’s how it feels today from my standpoint. It has been a crazy roller coaster ride this year, and I am so glad that our little train has driven throw the low point of the rails and now gaining speed to rise again to the top of the track.

Lets lay out the biggest news first of course.

After months of intense discussions, deal making and due diligence from investors, we finally signed the contract. So we have now officially a business partner who is going to take care of our operations financially during the next year.

We have already cleared out last year’s loose ends with our partners. There have been several meetings with all the producers and builders who already have taken up their work where it was left waiting in the summer. We have new deadlines set up for the robot to walk out from the caves of the engineers.

There have been new team members summoned in addition to the good old ones and replaced the ones that have left. So, hopefully, at the end of March we can already show You the fully functional machine in action!

Then we have been busy making deals for the new year. There are 3 big international events we are participating in, with the robot traveling with us. That means a lot of logistics and careful planning, so we will not be taking more on our shoulders for a beginning. Of course, we will set up the prototype here in Tallinn, Estonia so that everyone interested in buying can visit it and get a gin-tonic mixed by Yanu. That will happen in the coming months, already springtime and for the whole summer.

There is a lot of interest coming in, we have invitations for 11 events to participate, there have been over 25 new leads that have contacted us all over Europe and even more elsewhere.

Our robot is gaining attention in world media still without any action from us during the last half a year. I have been giving out a couple of interviews, some to local media, and several to foreign but that’s it so far. So the interest in service robotics is on the rise and the implementation of various solutions like ours is inevitable.

There are also coming up several events where we are invited to speak or participate, like Restaurant Marketer & Innovator 2020 in London on 20 January on the main stage, Webit 2020 in Valencia and many more.

We are going to focus more on finding business partners now as the need for an investor is off the table. Believe me, that takes a lot of attention and time to focus.

So, a really exciting year is ahead, hopefully, we are ready to go into full production at the end of 2020. Until that there are several huge milestones to achieve, and we are ready to conquer them. Happy new and successful year!