As you know our IEO on ExMarkets has ended. Along with that there’s a Yanu Candybox program.

We’ve been asked a lot about why the should buy tokens now and not wait.

We’ve have built up YANU so it would be an attractive token to hold and follow. The first thing is that, we’re going to buy back 2% revenue worth of tokens from the market and burn them, this will start gradually increase the price due to increased demand and reducing supply. So naturally getting early adopters and token holder would be in a better position.

Second thing, which is currently exclusive only to ExMarkets, is the Candybox campaign.

So what is a Candybox?

We’re going to reward token holders who got the token early and decide to hold on to it until the end of the year. There will be a snapshot on 31.12.2019 (14:00 EET) of the Candybox balances and you will be rewarded based on that.

The bigger is your holding and the sooner you deposit to the Candybox the higher will be your reward. The campaign starts immediately after the listing 1.06.2019 and lasts until the end of the year.

What are the rewards?

The reward is paid out based on your holding on the time of the snapshot.

  • +15% bonus to balances over 100 tokens
  • +30% bonus to balances over 1000 tokens
  • +50% bonus to balances over 10 000 tokens
  • +70% bonus to balances over 100 000 tokens

In addition to that you’ll receive +10% bonus if you make the deposit before 01.07.2019.

The Candybox will be open for deposits until the snapshot, so this will allow you to accumulate YANU over time if you wish to increase the paid out bonus in the end of the year. For example if you have 950 tokens on you Candybox balance then buying 50 more before the snapshot might be a good idea to get 30% instead of 15%.

Why do we do it?

There are a couple of reasons why we want to incentivise token holder to keep the tokens.

Firstly, as our business is so different from all the other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, we see that our token has a big potential to increase in price due to its utility and the buy-back program. So we’re incentivizing token holders to hold, buy more and learn about our project before they run to trade in their token for pack of cigarettes, making them regret in the near future.

Secondly, we’ve been building this company nearly 3 years and we’re really grateful for all the followers and supporters. This Candybox program is a big thank you for you all. We see more as close friends than just future-to-be-customers at our bars.

Thirdly, having a strong buy demand and very low sell pressure for the token right after the listing sets us up nicely to negotiate terms with the next exchanges we’re going to be listing this year. This will further bring in new member to our community and help us grow our brand, story and business tremendously.



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