Fully Autonomous Robot Bartender From The Future

Yanu tokens can be bought from ExMarkets Launchpad from 26/04/2019. We're selling additional 36,463,261 YANU for $3.64 million. Yanu tokens can be used to buy beverages and Yanu robots, get VIP benefits and of course trade on the market.

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Price from ExMarkets cryptocurrency exchange

Latest news

September 18, 2019

Updated Yanu Roadmap

  A product roadmap is an essential must-have because long term plans help us to make adjustments along the way. It is important to compare our current metrics with the ones we have previously defined with the team when building the roadmap. Our plans have slightly changed over time and that is why we renewed […]

September 16, 2019

Yanu updates from August 2019

Last summer month of August was quiet as always. It is still a vacation time and that’s what our team was also doing most of the times. There were travels to Portugal where we got some contacts with wineries who…


Why Yanu?

Considering the huge rise in automation, the increasing market share of the service industry and the issues on today’s labour market, our company has decided to step in and help out businesses with breakthrough solutions in service robotics. Behind the fancy design there is a tireless workforce of artificially intelligent robots designed to work with and for humans. The new YANU bartending unit will help you as a bar-owner serve more clients considerably faster, with no errors and much lower expenses.

As a customer the benefits are obvious: besides being cool to watch, YANU never forgets anyone, gets your drink in half a minute, communicates with you via an app, treats you as a VIP if you pay in tokens from our ICO and even acts as a personal assistant of sorts.

Learn about Yanu

Token Information

About the token

Yanu token is an ERC20 token, with a total supply of 400,000,000. It was created as a mean of fundraising and a payment option for Yanu ecosystem. Currently tokens can be used to buy drinks from Yanu bartending units and to buy the robot units itself. Token holders will receive substantial discounts when buying with tokens and also get VIP privileges.

Yanu token will help us:

Save money by cutting out bank and credit card fees
Keep our customer data private
Run marketing promotions

Why to buy and hold?

01 There's a real utility and demand for the token. Customers will be incentivized to buy tokens to get discounts.
02 We will buy back 2% revenue worth of tokens from open market and burn them gradually reducing the token supply.
03 The circulating supply is currently very low ($1.1 million), giving a lot of positive upside potential for the token price.
04 Concept of robots selling drinks in memorable, making it a good story to share amongst friends.
05 Candybox campaigns for token holder allow to gain more tokens by just holding them. Rewards to up 80%.

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Get Yanu updates to your e-mail

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Our Business Model

We sell, lease and maintain bar units.

This offer is suited to any client who already owns a venue and wishes to enhance their business but wants to earn all of the profit from our technology. We will set up a bar unit, train the employees to operate it and offer a cloud-based service for maintenance.
This model is suitable for clubs, bars, hotels, ships and cinemas.

We sell beverages and operate our own units.

This offer is suited to clients who own space that can be enriched with new options but who do not want to get involved in the everyday running of the bar. We will set up a bar unit in leased space and organise refills, cleaning and maintenance. We sell beverages directly to end-clients.
This model is suitable for shopping malls, airports, train stations, festival areas, sports venues and tourist attractions.

Our business philosophy

We think about and work towards long-term goals.
Our risks are managed carefully.
Transparency in reporting for stakeholders.
We value our team and want them to value our goals.
We will follow our plan through.

The YANU bartending robot is being brought to life as the first humble step in helping the service industry do a better job in every aspect of the business.

Alan Adojaan CEO

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06 Meet our


Mike Reiner

Business development advisor

Co-founded and managed the B2B Accelerator Startup Wise Guys that invested in 50+ companies from 20+ different countries. Covered venture capital business development for Amazon Web Services in EMEA. Founded CCC Startups and Startup AddVenture, a global entrepreneurship network that produced events in 7 diff erent countries reaching thousands of entrepreneurs. Mentor at various incubators/accelerators such as Techstars. Founder of world’s biggest and most specialist AI conference – World Summit AI. Two science degrees from Amsterdam University, Business Information Systems MSc (graduated cum laude) and Information Science BSc.

Aleksander Tõnnisson

Technical Supervisor

Co-founder and CEO at Buildit Hardware Accelerator, the first startup accelerator in Northern and Eastern Europe that invests into hardware startups. Has worked and lived in Munich, the silicon valley of Germany. For four years, he worked for one of the top engineering companies (ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistk-GmbH), developing flight simulators for the German navy. Programme Manager in computer engineering at Tartu University where he gained two degrees in the same field.

Andrei Korobeinik

Cryptocurrency advisor

Well-known IT-investor, entrepreneur and startup advisor. Former member of parliament. Creator of the first social networking platform in Baltics – Rate.ee that was a huge success. Advisor to several business enterprises, e.g. Applaud, Brainpoker, Import 2, LHV Bank. Has been the Member of the board at Estonian Business Angels Network and Enterprise Estonia.

Andrus Purde

Marketing and sales advisor

Various marketing roles at Skype over five years. Founder and head of marketing of Pipedrive
pipedrive.com ), helped the company to grow from zero to 70,000+ paying customers around the world. Founder and CEO of Outfunnel ( outfunnel.com ). Mentor at Startup Wise Guys and Startup Highway. Angel investor. Has studied at Estonian Business School and Amsterdam School of Business.

Priit Martinson

Legal Advisor

Ten years of experience in international trade, foreign direct investment and business development. Five years of diplomatic service in Shanghai as the Head of the Commercial Section at the Consulate General of Estonia. Has worked with leading Chinese and Hong Kong conglomerates including BYD, CITIC Group, CK Hutchison Holdings, Fosun and Union-Pay. Has guided public sector institutions on how to digitalise their services based on the Estonia’s e-Government solutions. LL.M. in Chinese Law from Tsinghua University. Currently works for PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Miikka Saloseutu

ICO Advisor

Miikka is our strategic marketing advisor. He is also an ICO Bench ranked advisor. He is a founder of icotokennews.com and cryptocoinjudge.com websites. He is an experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry with many challenging projects relating to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), venture capital investments, angel investments, E-commerce Optimization, Sales, Initial Coin Offerings, Crypto Currencies and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.

Meet our

Core team

Alan Adojaan

CEO & Marketing

Alan has more than 15 years’ experience in the food & beverage and entertainment business. He has run some of the biggest nightclubs and most popular restaurants in Estonia, been involved in the marketing of various entertainment projects and figured on the local media market. He owns a small photo production company and advises several firms on marketing. In addition, he has acquired two degrees in Communications and PR, written books and done screenwriting for TV.

Jan Graps

Industrial Designer, Design team

Jan and Ken’s outstanding portfolio and professional attitude to solving problems and delivering world-class industrial design are one of the key factors that have brought us so far. Their company JanKen Wisespace has been working with leading experts in the fields of advertising, graphic arts, multimedia and IT technology for 12 years. The brothers have been involved in many well-known projects outside of Estonia as well. Jan is the creative manager and interior architect while Ken is the development manager, interior architect and 3D designer. Find out more about them here: www.janken.co

Ken Ruut

Industrial Designer, Design team

Jan and Ken’s outstanding portfolio and professional attitude to solving problems and delivering world-class industrial design are one of the key factors that have brought us so far. Their company JanKen Wisespace has been working with leading experts in the fields of advertising, graphic arts, multimedia and IT technology for 12 years. The brothers have been involved in many well-known projects outside of Estonia as well. Jan is the creative manager and interior architect while Ken is the development manager, interior architect and 3D designer. Find out more about them here: www.janken.co

Alvo Aabloo

CTO, Science team leader

Alvo has been a scientist since the ’80s – from a research fellow to a professor of robotics at Estonia’s highest-ranked university, which is listed as the world’s 314th in ARWU and in a similar place in the Times rankings, as well as at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. He has been involved in numerous science projects all over the world: the Multi-Functional Nano-Carbon Composite Materials Network (MultiComp), the European Network on Integrating Vision and Language and the European Scientific Network for Artificial Muscles (ESNAM) to name but a few. He has served as the project leader on the famous fits.mefashion-fitting robot, which was later purchased by Rakuten. His CV and list of publications form an outstanding roll call of achievements. Alvo is our greatest asset and a guarantee of the success of the project.

Priit Kull

Engineer and construction specialist, Building team leader

Priit has been an engineer since the early ’80s, being probably the first professional industrial designer in Estonia. In 1990 he founded his own engineering office and served major local companies for seven years. This led to him working for ABF Baltic, where he produced car parts for big players like DaimlerChrysler, Peugeot, Cadillac and Bentley. He then worked under SGH Estonia, Vestas and Global Castings. He is a mentor in the BuildIT startup accelerator. Today he is again running his own engineering office and joined our team to lend his valued international experience for the success of Robolab. He acquired his MSc in Machine Building Technology from Tallinn Technical University and studied Business Management at the Trade Management Institute in Blackrock, Ireland.

Henrik Aavik

Applaud, Application development team leader

Henrik has been in advertising and media since 1996. He is the CEO of Applaud , a leading producer of mobile and web applications and software. He is also a board member of the Estonian e-Commerce Association and the sales and marketing manager of the popular Traffel app. Together with our advisor Andrei Korobeinik, he runs the Estonian Cryptocurrency Association, an organisation which deals with key topics in the crypto-world in Estonia. Their company Applaud is developing our user interface, backend and software for end-users.

Karl Kruusamäe

Ph.D. Associate professor, Tartu University, Robotics team

Karl has had an outstanding start to his career in the science of robotics. He studied at the University of Tartu before continuing at the University of Catania (the 29th oldest in the world). Since then he has worked at the Kansai Centre in Japan and at the University of Austin in Texas, USA. He is now back home to share his expertise with the University of Tartu and Robolab.

Teet Tilk

Leading electronics and system design engineer

Teet is a scientist in the Institute of Technology at the University of Tartu. He is a specialist in electronics and a member of our science and development team. He also has a degree from Tallinn Technical University in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Kalle Pruuden

Engineer and construction specialist, Building team leader

Kalle has created or been involved in numerous projects from local museums and department stores to world-class events like the Milan World Expo, expositions in Kuwait, Germany and Poland and sculptures as far afield as Australia, the UK and Finland. He is a graduate of the Estonian Academy of Arts and is well known for his skills in metal work all over Estonia. When you need something done in a precise and beautiful way, you call Kalle.

Cedric Simon

Sales Manager, Europe

Cedric is our leading sales force in Europe. Positioned in Paris and Amsterdam , he runs sales operations all over Europe. He is an expert salesman who has been closing deals since 1996 when he started advertising sales in France. He has worked for such technology giants as Dell, Cisco and Verizon in the area of business development and sales to large-scale corporate clients.

Johannes Kanter

Marketing team leader

Johannes’ experience is outstanding considering his age. He started out at the University of Cattaneo in Italy, where he took a degree from EBS in International Business Administration. This was followed by an MSc from Tallinn Technical University in Business Information Technology. He has been responsible for marketing in several companies, is a founding member or on the board of several companies and is helping us out with digital marketing and PR.

Oliver Raal

Marketing Team

Oliver has wide-ranging knowledge and experience in marketing and business development. He has worked in aviation, the beverage industry and for the army in human resources and headhunting, sales and business strategy. He is the founder of Pingpong Marketing and the Camorka app and also works for the Estonian Defence Forces. He has two MAs from the Estonian Business School and is completing his third in Law at the University of Tartu.

Eliise Siidirätsep

Community Manager

Eliise is the newest member of our team and brings good vibes to our otherwise quite masculine team. As a leading professional in her field she has worked for several Estonian television channels for a decade. In recent years many shows have aired on Estonian Public Broadcasting under her guidance. Today she is the director of its main news programme, called Aktuaalne Kaamera. She takes care of our community, client relations and marketing.

Ahmed Helmi

Robotics Team

Ahmed is one of our main guys for coordinate programming and teaching the robotic arm to operate. His daily challenges consist of making the robot move efficiently and handle liquids the fastest way possible. The safety and control issues of the robot are also his job. He came from Egypt to Tartu to get a second degree here and is on his last year, so this project is now his main science project in obtaining his degree. He is proud a to be involved in it, as it gives him very practical experience. He will remain on our team after graduating.

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