A product roadmap is an essential must-have because long term plans help us to make adjustments along the way. It is important to compare our current metrics with the ones we have previously defined with the team when building the roadmap. Our plans have slightly changed over time and that is why we renewed our roadmap to bring you the latest news and updates about our company. 


What are the plans for the future? 


In September, our main focus is to get Yanu listed on new cryptocurrency exchanges. We aim for more liquidity to our investors and we also want to grow our community even bigger. By November, we will have the first fully autonomous robot unit ready for testing and shows, so our first prototype will come out before the end of the year. 

The new year starts with Yanu show and we will sell the first 5 Yanu robot units for pilot testing and to our first clients. February til April is planned for production optimization and licensing to get everything ready for the first robot bars being built. 

At the end of April 2020 we will be ready to start industrial manufacturing. We will establish infrastructure for the production of the Yanu units and the production process and supply chain for European countries are set up. In August 2020 will be the time for pilot testing of the first 5 Yanu robots and once these are successfully launched, it’s time for mass production. 

We have set our goals and aim to reach them.

There is still a substantial amount of work to do, but our team is focused and ambitious to deliver the best outcome possible.