June is the best month of summer because the school is over, vacations start and the weather gets beachy.

Yanu team although cannot rest until we have achieved our goal: the finalized machine that we can present to the world. And that is what we are aiming for.

There has been a delay with some components that postpones our deadline for about a month. The outer covers need to be redone a bit and that is a month-long process because there are several companies involved, new models must be done and molds are taken and then a final original cast that needs to be colored and polished. That is a painstaking and slow process we have to go through to get it finally done and done.

But this little setback has not scared us, we are still in schedule mostly and the other departments carry on their work. So let us see what else has been done. First, our sales team has brought home some more Letters of Intent from future clients, and we have ten now. That means more validation, more proof, and more trust. Very soon, we will start presenting those to our investors and other customers.

Secondly, our quarterly adviser meeting took place and that was, like always a greatly informative and helpful from the leadership point of view. We discussed the sales strategy for the lucky ones that get the first 5 Yanu machines, coming investment round, new advertising materials, next steps when the machine is ready and production. Thanks to our wonderful advisers, so much wisdom in one team!

Thirdly it was again a busy month of traveling. I went to two expos abroad: The Next Web in Amsterdam and Webit in Sofia. TNW is similar to Websummit, quite wide focus and lots of different startups presenting their stuff. We had a booth there and made quite some contacts. Big event marketing company, hotel chain, bar and nightclub owners and several investors came up to us and we made some good impact. And Latin-American CNN did an interview with us!

Webit was the second time for me to visit. Also similar to Websummit, this Eastern European festival has grown monstrously and hosts now hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of visitors. I had 15 investor meetings and about 8 realistic customers plus gave a couple of interviews to local and Balkan news outlets. Was worth going definitely.

The fourth highlight of the month was a visit to Tartu University where Science team presented us the assembled commercial version of the robot that made us gin-tonics! Okay, I got to be honest, it did not taste perfect yet, but hey they are robot scientists, not bartenders. How would they know how a perfect gin-tonic should taste?

So the ingredients need a bit tuning and better gin must be bought, but as the classic Frankenstein movie quote goes: “IT’S ALIVE!”. And that is one great feeling, like childbirth, even if it’s a robotic child. 🙂 But the magical feeling when you see the dream coming true cannot be compared to anything else.

So that was the highlight of the merry month of May for our team.

June sees us also traveling, pushing hard to finish the undone work and working on the future investor’s affairs. We work when others rest and rest…maybe later.

Have a nice beginning of summer!