Greets to all solar-powered people and robots!

Its the midsummer here and we all are busy charging our batteries with the hottest sunshine available in Estonia.

I have to say that it has been a sunny summer so far, not as blistering as in South Europe but not as rainy as usual.

As most of our partners are having a vacation month, most of our team is also half time offline and preparing for busy autumn stretch. So what has been done in July?

In the first week, I was visiting Riga meeting a future client there. In the weekend a huge song festival was taking place in Tallinn with 100 000 people pressed on one small festival grounds. A perfect place for Yanu robots to work on full speed as the lines were long and people thirsty because of the hot weather.

Then there was a fruitful meeting with our patent lawyer, most of our patents are already in effect and several more technological ones are coming up soon as the machine gets ready. Long and expensive process but totally worth it as there are lots of evil forces from Mordor trying to steal what others have paid for.

Last week I gave an interview for Lithuanian National TV, hopefully, on 20th August, there will be a broadcast of it.

I also got an invitation from the Georgian Ministry of Economy to participate in the upcoming Silk Road conference in the panel of Artificial Intelligence and trade. We are also sending out the early calls for investors as we are preparing an investment round this autumn.

So not much to brag about, but even robots must rest from time to time. In August our building team will be back from their vacation, all fresh and rested and we can continue with the construction works. And hopefully, finish the long-awaited Yanu prototype and bring it in front of the supporters and customers expecting eyes.

Have a nice continuing summer and make the most of it!