Just a very quick update before our listing at the ExMarkets.

We have currently signed 7 Letter of Intents (client commitment to buy Yanu robot bartender) with the first multinational companies.

These aren’t necessarily going to be the exact first venues where Yanu will be set up, but these definitely are one our first clients. We’re currently working on a global marketing plan to launch Yanu robot with one of the clients who wants to get maximum exposure from this campaign and likely they will be the first company to set up Yanu robot for their business.

We have casinos, hotel chains, harbors and airports in our pipeline. Currently the list of companies is roughly 70. Considering our production capacity for 2019 and 2020 that is more than enough to fit our projections of setting up 50 – 100 bartending units around the globe.

The customers that have signed the letter of intents will be published one by one as soon as we’ll show the actually working prototype to the world for the first time. This is expected to happen with in months, given that the promotional materials that we need take time to prepare.

In summary, we’re very happy with the progress and can’t wait to see Yanu serving it’s first drink ever to a customer.

This will be a historic moment.